• Can I extinguish the fireplace before the fuel has completely burned off?

    Yes, you can turn your fire off at any given time, even before the fuel has run out. Use the extinguishing tool to shut off the burner. It is not safe to leave a fire unattended.
  • Can you customize the units in any way?

    The designs in our collection cannot be customized. We do however offer burners on their own. Many designers and contractors will create their own designs with our burners.
  • Do you charge sales tax?

    We do not collect sales tax from our customers, except for the customers located in the state of Indiana.
  • How big of a hole do I frame?

    How big of a hole do I frame? Framing dimensions can be found in the Installation manual of each fireplace. Select a location that is not prone to moisture and is located at least 3 ft. away from combustible materials such as curtains or drapes, furniture, bedding, paper, etc. Please refer to the...
  • How do Electronic Ethanol Burners and Fireboxes connect to Smart Home

    Electronic ethanol burners and fireboxes by Ignis (https://modernblaze.com/collections/ignis-products/?_=pf&pf_pt_product_type=Smart%20Ethanol%20Firebox&pf_pt_product_type=Electronic%20Ethanol%20Burner) can be connected to your smart home. They need to be hardwired and connected via IP ad...
  • How long does the fuel burn and what is the cost of the fuel?

    One liter/quart of bio-ethanol will burn around 3 hours with a cost of ± € 1 / $1.50 per hour. The cost of 1 liter/quart of bio-ethanol varies depending on place and quantity of purchase.
  • How much heat do Eco-Feu fireplaces emit?

    Eco-Feu fireplaces (https://modernblaze.com/collections/eco-feu) feature real flames and thus produce substantial heat. Please see the product specifications for your chosen product’s heat output and note that the heat output can be controlled through the shutter mechanism.
  • Is the item in stock?

    We try to update our inventory as often as possible, however, sometimes our manufacturers run out of stock before we can catch that. As soon as we receive your order we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is...
  • Where can Ignis Fireplace be installed?

    Ignis Fireplaces (https://modernblaze.com/collections/ignis-products) can be installed almost anywhere in your home. You cannot install Ignis fireplace or burner in rooms with poor air circulation. Approval from the Building Department may be required in some areas. Please make sure you are allow...
  • Where do I get Bio-Ethanol?

    You can purchase bio-ethanol in cases of quarts, gallons or liters depending on the manufacturer. Click here (https://modernblaze.com/collections/fuel?_=pf&pf_pt_product_type=Ethanol%20Fireplace%20Fuel) to view available products.