• Are Ignis Fireplaces easy to assemble and install?

    Ignis fireplaces are designed to be easy to install and operate. There is no need for chimney or flue, gas or electric lines. Most fireplaces come ready out of the box, but some need simple assembly, which will take a few minutes of your time. All wall mounted models come with mounting bracket an...
  • Can I convert my existing fireplace to an Ignis Ethanol Fireplace?

    With our line of ethanol burner inserts, you can easily convert your existing fireplace to an ethanol fireplace. If you are converting gas fireplace you have to terminate all gas pipes and connections to comply with burner safety clearances.
  • Does an Ignis Fireplace smell when burning?

    No, the ethanol does not smell when burning. It smells like alcohol in its raw state and will give a slight odor right after the flame is extinguished similar to when a candle goes out.
  • How do I clean an Ignis Ethanol Fireplace or Burner Insert?

    Make sure the fuel is completely burnt prior to cleaning the burner. Burners can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaner and damp cloth. Or you can wash it with soap in hot tap water. Dry it completely after washing. Because the burner is constantly exposed to heat it is normal for stainless stee...
  • How do I operate my Ignis fireplace or burner?

    An Ethanol fireplace is very easy to operate. Fill it up, light it up and enjoy the warmth of fire!
  • How long will my Ignis fireplace burn for?

    Most of our wall mounted and freestanding fireplaces use the EB1200 Burner and it will give you around 5 hours of burn time per quart. Burners Inserts differ in sizes and burn time. You can find the detailed specification on every products page.> Quotation ...
  • What is Bio-Ethanol and is it eco-friendly?

    Bio-ethanol is derived from corn, therefore, making it a sustainable energy source. The only residual emissions when burning bio-ethanol are carbon dioxide and water steam.
  • What is the difference between Ignis EB and EHB burner inserts?

    The main difference between EB and EHB ethanol burner inserts by Ignis is that EB burners can be installed outdoors while EHB are designed for indoor-only installation. When it comes to flame adjustment, EHB burners allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame while EB burners don't offer that...
  • Where can Ignis Fireplace be installed?

    Ignis Fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere in your home. You cannot install Ignis fireplace or burner in rooms with poor air circulation. Approval from the Building Department may be required in some areas. Please make sure you are allowed to operate an ethanol fireplace in your building p...
  • Where do I get Bio-Ethanol Fuel for my Ignis fireplace?

    You can purchase Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Fuel here in packs of 12 bottles (1 quart each) and 6 bottles, it will be delivered to your doorsteps for free.
  • Will the Ignis fireplace heat up my room?

    Ethanol fireplaces don’t need ventilation that means all the heat stays inside the room, which makes it more efficient. You can find BTU specification for a particular model on its products page.