• Can you customize the units in any way?

    The designs in our collection cannot be customized. We do however offer burners on their own. Many designers and contractors will create their own designs with our burners.
  • Do you offer installation services?

    We don't offer installation services. You can install a lot of our fireplaces yourself or hire a regular contractor. If you are looking to install a built-in electric fireplace or any other fireplace that needs to be hardwired, we recommend hiring a certified electrician for the job.
  • How big of a hole do I frame?

    How big of a hole do I frame? Framing dimensions can be found in the Installation manual of each fireplace. Select a location that is not prone to moisture and is located at least 3 ft. away from combustible materials such as curtains or drapes, furniture, bedding, paper, etc. Please refer to the...
  • How to install my fireplace / fire pit / patio heater?

    You should always refer to the product manual that came with your fireplace / fire pit / patio heater. We have also created a few articles to help you navigate the installation process. Click here to see all installation guides.
  • What is the difference between flush mount, recessed, and zero clearance fireplace installation?

    Let's start with recessed (or built-in) installation. This is when you create a niche in a wall and insert the back of the fireplace in it. Flush mount installation is a type of recessed installation when the frame of the fireplace sits right on top of the wall surface (flush) without any gaps ...